It is an event to foster learning, development and collaboration among the Tech community at NYUAD. It will be a free space for students to share ideas, concerns, ask questions and make mistakes. We expect the participants, volunteers and audience to be respectful to others during the event and follow the code of conduct.


  1. Behave professionally and don’t insult other participants. Harassment, verbal or physical abuse against anyone on any grounds (sex, race, disability, etc) won’t be tolerated.

  2. Students from all technical backgrounds and year will be participating. We expect you to be inclusive and engage in a healthy competition.

  3. No Plagarism Policy. Plagarism of any sort won’t be tolerated. 

  4. Implementation of ideas and writing of code should be done during the  hackathon. The code and implementation should be original. Ideation can be done before the event and need not be original.

  5. Resources from books, websites such as code blocks and libraries can be used but should be mentioned during the Project showcase and project submission. 


hackAD reserves the right to disqualify any student or team at any point of time during the hackathon due to non-compliance of the above mentioned conduct.